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Meta Ecommerce is the ultimate digital marketing & eCommerce laboratory for pushing brands and creating an unstoppable digital experience. We care about painting the best possible picture for your brand, and with our team of able experts, we transform your brand into something unique, memorable, and effective.

We are all about growing our clients. Unlike other advertising agencies, we are not just focused on advertising or running a profitable business. We focus on delivering fruitful and thought-provoking digital campaigns to help you stay ahead of your competition.

Meta Ecommerce will create a ‘phygital’ connection for your brand, which means more business for you & excellent online and offline experiences for your customers.


Since we are the first point of contact for our clients, we strive to deliver faultless analytical and organization strategies geared towards helping our esteemed clients achieve their interests and objectives.


At Meta Ecommerce, we understand the importance of creating a visual connection for our client’s brands. We make the familiar look unique and extraordinary, which will trigger emotions and help your brand connect with customers. We relentlessly pursue our clients’ “I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS”.


We are fully focused on promoting our clients’ brand reputation. Our capable team ensures that what your customers see is what they actually get.

Meta Ecommerce 

Meta Ecommerce Process

Here is a breakdown of the PROCESS we use to achieve this:

Step 1: Planning & Strategy

We define who you are (Mission), where you are going (Vision), and what your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) are so we can identify your target audience and why they should choose your brand over the competition.


  • Discovery
  • Mission Statement
  • Vision Statement
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Client Identification
  • Brand Strategy
  • Tagline Development
  • Keyword/SEO Strategy

Step 2: Design & Create

Design is the next important step to building your brand. We create the visual aesthetic for a consistent and functional user experience. This will simplify the interaction between you and potential customers, positioning your brand for maximum visibility.

This includes:

• Color Design
• Typography
• Logo
• Web Design
• Graphic Design
• Copywriting

Step 3: Build

The next step is applying your designs and bringing them to life in a way that gives your clients something to connect to. We do this using a wide range of media customized for your brand. We are talking about:

• Website Development
• Photography
• Video Production
• Audio Production
• Original Music Scores

Step 4: Digital Marketing

Finally, we deliver your brand with the building blocks and actions defined in your strategy. We create and manage online campaigns with meaningful content to engage your customers and generate leads. We don’t push your business onto customers. We tactfully pull them in through:

• Search Engine Optimization
• Social Media Marketing
• Content Marketing (Blogs & Video Ads)
• Email Campaigns
• Online Ad Management

Ultimately, your brand needs a stream of happy customers, which is where our journey with you starts. We see your brand, not for what it is, but for what it can become. We are bothered by brand challenges and work passionately to create lasting solutions.
Leave your brand’s health in the safe hands of the creative advertising experts at Itho Digital and reap handsomely from the digital products and solutions we have for you.

Meta Ecommerce 

Our Clients

Floba design
Hasti Jwelery
Bc bond
excel dental shop
Novex Kitchens

Meta Ecommerce 

Our Trusted Partners

Brian Maleki
CEO & Founder of Meta ecommerce

Brian Maleki is a successful business coach, digital marketing Instructor and advertising strategist who went from obtaining a master degree in business & marketing to managing marketing activities of several multi-million dollar corporations.

Brian has trained and mentored over a thousand individuals in the highly sought-after field of digital advertising & marketing. By imparting valuable skills, he has helped his students unlock significant earning potential in this dynamic and lucrative industry.